Otessa Ghadar is the founder and president of new media production company 20/20 Productions. As one of the web series medium’s earliest adopters, Otessa is a true forerunner of digital media. Since 2007, she has been pioneering the web series format and establishing new ground in the wild west of the web, mainly through her globally viral show Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden. She completed her graduate film studies at Columbia University’s film school in NYC. OJBG started as her MFA thesis and is now one of the oldest and longest running web series online. Diving into web series production when the idea was still in its infancy, Otessa had to learn and to adapt to new changing forms of new media as they were being defined. With her knowledge and expertise, she has now published the world’s first new media textbook called The Wild West of Film. She is currently at work planning for Washington DC’s 5th annual DC Web Fest. In April 2013, she organized the first festival.

Whether in film or fiction, at her core, Otessa is a storyteller. Returning to her DC roots, OJBG is an example of “writing what you know.” It’s part recollection, part urban legend, part pure fiction, and completely inspired by her own memories of growing up on the cusp of the Internet era. Her stories embody the rebellious of the ‘90s grunge era while tackling social issues that surround youth. The first four summers of OJBG are available in paperback and as ebooks online. The special edition “Director’s Notebook” for June of 1997 — which contains the script along with special illustrations, behind-the-scenes photographs, and director’s notes — is also currently available. The director’s notebooks for July and August of 1997 are also available.