• Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden

    Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden follows the life of 18 teens of the last pre-Internet generation growing up in 1990s Washington, DC. Created by Otessa Ghadar, it has sparked a loyal following among fans in 145+ countries. In fact, demand is such that the show is now subtitled in French, German, and other languages to even better reach those audiences. The show has been recognized by the Human Rights Campaign for making a positive contribution to the LGBT community. It fills a void in youth storytelling while it unveils teen experiences without the filter and glamorization often found in mainstream media and Hollywood production companies. OJBG is also the recipient of numerous awards, including ones from the Telly Awards, the Webby Awards, the LA Web Series Festival, among others.
  • The Wild West of Film

    Otessa Ghadar has been breaking ground in new media since 2007 and is widely praised for her pioneer work in the web series format. Her book, The Wild West of Film, takes readers step by step through the script-to-screen process. It focuses on specifics of the “small screen,” including short form script-writing and story structure, budgeting and breakdowns, post-production for online viewing, self-distribution, best practices for social media, film festival lists & strategies, and more. The Wild West of Film: Social Media, Chapter 8 of the full book, is now being used for a course at American University. The full book and each individual chapter are available as an ebook or in paperback.
  • DC Web & Digital Media Festival (DC Web Fest)

    Otessa Ghadar is the founder of Washington, DC's first ever new media festival. The DC Web & Digital Media Festival (DC Web Fest) is also the first festival that concentrates on future technology and entrepreneurship. The 4th Annual DC Web Fest is currently in planning.
  • Short Stories

    In addition to OJBG and The Wild West of Film, Otessa Ghadar writes fiction stories that explore themes of nostalgia, childhood, and city life. Through her work, she seeks to provide honest and diverse portrayals of American life while being thought-provoking and sincere. Utopia, based on the true events of a mentally unwell woman who finds her way into the lion’s den at the National Zoo, is a short story exploring the final and faint internal moments of a woman's life. A new short story, Green, is coming soon.
  • This is Our Youth

    A photo exhibition by Otessa Marie Ghadar held at Coldwell Banker's Art 14 from August 24, 2016 through October 24, 2016.

    This is Our Youth is nostalgia in the present — Capturing the scenes of DC summer from the POV of its youth

    Documenting how they interact in and with their city

    And creating a paean to those fleeting and sweet days of summer vacation

  • This Must Be The Place

    “This Must Be The Place” is a photo and video exhibition exploring a story about finding those moments in time, like tears lost in the rain. Ultimately it is about searching, sometimes failing, but truly celebrating those moments, however fleeting, when we find our lost time, when our echoes reach us again. The exhibition will be held at the Fathom Gallery. For additional information please click here.
  • Transformer 13th Annual Silent Auction and Benefit Party

    Otessa's work has been selected for the event being held this November 19th, 2016. Click here for additional details.
  • Cultural Capital: New Venues & Vehicles For Women in Film

    On January 25th, 2017 Otessa will be leading a Culture Capital "State of the Union" discussion on the role of women in the media in addition to screening her video art. For additional information please follow this link.